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yep come on Poca those leaves are really distracting 

I honestly think that Selena and Justin may be friends.. I mean what makes u think that they r together


hmmm lets see.

  1. justin goes all the way from miami to texas and spends an entire weekend with selena
  2. he goes to see her firs performance after rehab
  3. she goes and watched his first performane after getting arrested
  4. the opening act at selenas concert said that justin had his arm around selena the whole time they talked
  5. justin and selena arrived at schools event together
  6. he dedicated alaylm to her and called her his “baby”
  7. he sang “im in love’ during boyfriend
  8. he tweeted “saw a great show last night :)”
  9. justin played the toronto beliebers a duet him and selena did
  10. he also sent a picture of one of his fans to selena and said to the fan “im gonna text selena this”
  11. the fans that met him said by the way he talked about selena, she was sure they were together again and she doesnt even ship them
  12. Justin continuously talks about selena and shares unfamiliar with fans in toronto
  13. then not even a month later selena flies from la to miami for no reason at all to be with justin
  14. then after that, not even a few days later, justin went back to la and went to coachella with selena
  15. multiple people at coachella said they grinded and held hands all night
  16. theres a backstage picture of them that looks like they are holding hands
  17. justin followed selena back on insta after so long
  18. all his friends started following selena also, people who she barely even knows like johnny and them. 
  19. Today Justin posted a picture of him and selena with the littles when he never does throwbacks. 
  20. scooter, dj tay james, ashley moore, and so so many others liked the pic
  21. oh and lets not forget this.


all of this has happened since march. idk u tell me whether or not their “just friends”

justin trapped in the elevator

I think we still live in a culture that assumes that men are single by choice and women are single because no one wants them.

Sara Eckel, This is Why You’re Still Single (It’s Not Why You Think)  (via aprettypastiche)

This is so true

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Jerrie moments part 1.


Zerrie Alphabet - T for Teeth Smile

Jerrie + fav moments


Seeing someone from school in public.


Justin Bieber: Push It Video Gifs



44 Gifs of Justin Bieber in the Believe Tour Crew video for the song “Push It”. A lot of these gifs are mine so give me credit if you use them. The Rest I give full credit to the real owners. Like if using anything in this hunt :D

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